Bow braver PP issues

So,I been trying to get a bit better with my bow braver,but I really am lacking the PP pool that I need topul off the proper rotations,how in the hell do I even gain more PP? And I do not mean like 4 more PP... This is my biggest issue atm.

Some ways are affixing PP boosting augments to your weapon and units (like ARKS Fever and Mizer Soul), taking Photon Drink at the start of the quest (EX gives +20PP), and using Jerky (+50HP and +5PP) and Fish Rations (+30RNG-Pwr and +3PP). The augments thing is probably going to be the biggest thing, especially on your units.

@AndrlCh Is Mizer soul the JP name or the NA name? So I don't look for something that isn't what i'm looking for lol.

@Morgothryuzaki Yep, looks like Mizer Soul is still the name on NA.

And just for the sake of a resource, here is a list of augments:

Thank you good sir!


I just got done maxing out Braver. I never had issues with PP and I didn't run a ton of PP boosting augments. My mag used the rapid fire shot that gave pp on hit and you need to use Rapid Fire in order to maintain efficiency. On top of this, Ranger is one of the best choices for Braver as a sub class. You can use the ability that Rangers have that give you PP on enemy kill if they are within a certain area of you. I literally have PP for days and have always made Mission Expert on the most difficult bosses on highest difficulty. I'm pretty sure Mission Expert is highest damage, lowest damage taken, and fewest deaths or something like that. Either way, I know it is a positive thing.

You have to mitigate losses in the ways that fit your play style. Some people throw tons of PP gear on. I happen to find that to be a pointless and archaic way of doing things. To each their own, really, but I find that not stacking PP gear can lead to higher damage potential through min maxing damage growth on crafted items.

Don't know if this can help your perspective of things, but that is about what I have to offer on that.