Story quest hardcore mode

@LapisWave Some people learn to dodge through grouping. Like I don't really care for the hardcore story mode. I only forced myself to do some because I needed star gems.

@Morgothryuzaki said in Story quest hardcore mode:

@LapisWave Some people learn to dodge through grouping. Like I don't really care for the hardcore story mode. I only forced myself to do some because I needed star gems.

Earning Star Gems in this game hurts. We still dont have half of what was promised.

Story scaling is stupid, but in the way it's too easy to overpower the quests at low levels. If as level 75 player, assuming you have something like a 13* weapon or one of the good 12* grinded out with 11* unit set of choice, you have problems with story it just means you've not really learned the game. You really just need to learn how to dodge and XQ for that is terrible because you can nonchalantly end up killing all those bosses before they even move, and then if you give them a chance to kill you, you might lose your pass. At most the exception would be the last story quest since depending on how you tackle it, it's either AIS practice or an actually difficult quest beyond basics. Otherwise istory quests have nothing beyond the actual gameplay you're gonna be using to defeat enemies in nearly every other quest in the game. It's just that the enemy parameters there are actually balanced well enough for our power creep so you don't enter XH UQ with HP levels from EP3 while currently we are about as strong as in EP5 that started massive HP jumps for mobs. What it essentially means that it exposes players to having to evade enemy attacks for a prolonged period of time while finding opportunities for dishing out their own DPS. This is the super fundamental skill of the game.

Two last story quest S ranks also give +45% affix chance items. So there is always something for the pain.

@LapisWave I know,its absolutely insane. I'm basically out of option now besides the few times the SEGA overlords will feel generous.

@Hooonter Just because 'you can' doesn't mean 'you do'. I tend to go alone on the hardest difficulty and still come out on top really. I think I was just not feeling it yesterday evening because when I attempted it later,I won them all without trying much. I personally just don't care to S rank them all because I'm not into this for the solo aspect. That said,I can handle myself extremely well in almost anything so far. I remember struggling a lot with Luther early on and last time i did it on super hard at level 50 something without Units(I had forgotten to adjust my loadout,i felt fucking stupid) and dodge everything perfectly and dished out solid damage thanks to my Slave weapon. Its easy to look at a player and tell them,meh you ain't good enough. But a lot of parameters can happen really lol. Personally i'm the kinda guy that just can't perform well if i'm in a funk,no matter what I do. When I,m alright though,watch me go lmao.

Free fields and other content isn't really a good measure of solo prowess though. I am saying that both on NA and JP on times it was really hard to actually judge your standing. Basically right now the content that isn't a joke is:

  • Some story hardcore max level S rank
  • Some solo urgent quests
  • Solo ultimate quests
  • Solo XQ stages 6-10 is really outdated and far too easy to just nuke everything, and otherwise it's competing for time
  • Challenge mode mile clears (but it's different beast from the usual game)

Down the line the challenge will become:

  • More solo UQs
  • Solo Limited Time quests (available at any time during certain period of a month or so)
  • Solo EP5 XH fields
  • Solo EP6 UH fields
  • Solo triggers for PD/Ether then solo and sometimes 4 man group clears of more boss triggers
  • Solo XQ3 and maybe XQ2
  • More hard solo quests, especially the EP4 one is gonna catch people off guard
  • Divide Quest later stages both pug and solo
  • Ship infiltration ultimate quest
  • Masquerade duel floors 100+ especially and floor 999 for the few people who will bother with daily grind long enough

All this based on having aggressive enemies that hit relatively hard and don't get killed off too easily.

I had issues on clearing XQ H&H for 6-10. I still haven't cleared it yet. But if people actually haven't beaten it, I understand since it isn't exactly friendly stage at the last part especially when Anga decides to resist your weapons.

@Hooonter I am not trying to claim I am a PSO2 god,I'm not at all. I am fairly decent at the game,that's it. I know I should focus on fine tuning my build,but I am working on getting three full builds to 75 so that was I have diversity when I feel bored. Once that is done I'll definitely double down on optimiziation. Right now its just a slow start for me,its how I am in FFXIV as well,so give me about another month and I'll have most of it done.

Well I'm the first one to admit I'm pretty bad at games. Age and health conditions don't play fair. It's one reason why I don't party much (the other is that while I'm chatty here, I'm ultra mega shy in game). Unless the party is super chill and derpy, I won't go ruin someone's "efficient runs", which is a culture that's exponentially growing in the whole of gaming, because kids have "other things to do rather than carry the floor mat boomer" (btw I'm gen X not boomer, but whatevs).

And this brings me to remind you all that not everyone is skilled at gaming. And even the skilled ones have different skill ceilings. I do my work to try and get better but, no matter how much I try, I won't be that guy among the top players. And I don't care. I'm happy how I am and with whatever I can achieve.

Still, I see others on those 12man runs. Some die more than I. Sometimes I don't die to a boss attack because I dodge it after memorizing it a little, yet I see about 5 or 6 dead players, and that makes me remember about the differences in both skill and experience doing certain stages. You will find people dying over and over to things you may find toddler easy, while they may be better than you at others. Or you will find gods of gaming out there, and floor mats who can't even be properly directed to the tutorials section. Because we are different in all those matters. So I remember that whenever I come here to the forums and I see people talking about their experiences, and I try to at least see things from their side.

I've been in gaming since the Atari 2600. I UNBOXED one of those things back in 82'. So I know very well how good I can be at a game and how my prime has become a thing of the past. But I'm not done with gaming just yet. I know I'll eventually either fall in line and go for meta, or find my own fun way to do it and beat these things. Or at least what my current hand eye coordination can allow me to do.

@ZorokiHanuke I'm 30 over here and I know I am starting to lose patience for many things I used to have the patience for already,what doesn't help is that I got an old soul. I'm the kinda guy who's going to game while blasting 60's to mid 2000's music. I am starting to see where I am falling off as well,so I kinda feel ya.

@Morgothryuzaki Feh, to the current generation, we are all boomers, so welcome to the club I guess. 😹

@ZorokiHanuke Pretty much lmfao,cannot win either way it seems.

@Morgothryuzaki yeah, just remember we can still win some games. just take us a little longer.

Games are always last in priority. If it affects you mentally and physically, then it should stop and people should take a break. It was meant to be played for fun, and yes, it does get frustrating and people should get better. Sometimes, playing it with relaxed feeling does better job than feeling tense. Even in hardcore mode.

I've played with the prospect of leaving gaming for good. I mean, eyes going bad, hearing is at about half, hand eye coordination are... Just don't leave me alone with the red nuke button. I log in game and I seem to be on for eternity, but I'm not actually playing. I'm just derping about or plain afking. My functional gaming time is less than 2 hours.... But the sole thinking on what to do with my free time without gaming... well, "I fear no man but that thing scares me..."