Story quest hardcore mode

So,I'm trying to knock out those titles and trying to get SGs desperately to grab a specific outfit from the current fresh find,but sadly these hardcore titles are getting the bets out of my patience. I usually have zero issues with the quartz dragon soloing it with ease,but that hardcore version just litterally goes crazy on me the second it spawns barely allowing me time to react,and then his flying ice crap just suddenly decides to fly everywhere in an erratic pattern.. Is there like any other ways I can even get my SGs at this point? I'm almost at the end of this season's pass so I doubt I can do much there.

How can you have problems with Quartz Dragon? These bosses are scaled down to single player proper values so I can definitely say you wouldn't be strong enough to handle for example Extremely Hard or Super Hard UQs without getting carried by other players.


Try playing as a force, I haven’t had any issue on hardcore so far. Its only taken me between 1 and 2 mins to drop the bosses

@Hooonter Idk,maybe I'm not in the game tonight,he must have been almost dead because he was getting absolutely insane.

And please,don't just assume stuff,I stand my own very well in solo and multi content. Not everyone is a top player or cares to be though. I got my build off the actual Japanese builds website,I try my best doing some stuff. However hardcore mode is just that., HARDCORE. You can say whatever you want though.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Idk,not exactly super confident on my Force as I am still practicing with it.

Uhm, excuse me? Quartz Dragon is not using Ice based attacks, they are crystals. He uses photons to control the crystals that he sheds from his body to turn them into a projectile, while his attacks that look like lasers are light based photonic energy (hence why it can confuse you, just like your light techs would on darker enemies).

It can further be seen by his dark weakness, meaning that he himself is light element based.

@Macmaxi Okay? Calm down there. Pretty sure you got what I meant by that,no need to act so offended. SORRY to not litterally know every single thing about the game's monsters?

It's really just a matter of learning to dodge better, and understanding the enemies AI patterns and attacks. I've gone through all of Episode 1 on Hard, as well as half of Episode 2 so far on Hard as a Braver, with the only boss really giving me issues being Elder.

Quartz Dragon in particular isn't a difficult boss - He's just very, very fast. But all of his attacks are very easy to predict, and are super easy to i-frame. The only "Gotcha" moment he has is when his HP is in critical, and he uses his AoE Rage attack.

But honestly, if you're struggling with Quartz Dragon, you're going to have a lot more problems with the later fights, such as Elder, and the Episode 1 final boss. You're best bet though if you really want the Star Gems that badly is to get yourself a 13* Weapon and some upgraded 10* Frames, and just melt the bosses before they have a chance to actually do anything to you.

@Blade-Syphon Well not sure what I can do then,I guess I have to work on my precision/rotation against this specific one because I do have those things. Although I have been lazing around and haven't worked on upgrading my stuff or optimizing the effects on them... I just have NO clues as to what I should even put in there lmfao. This game doesn't exactly do a great job of guiding you towards what works the best...

I think that my problem is that I don't have enough PP to do the full rotations for my bow braver yet.. I looked it up,I got the Arts and know mostly the rotation. But I cannot figure out how to get those damn 200 PPs...


Use your double jump, while charging your techs, gives you a lot more mobility. Time your quick illusion with the attacks you can’t jump out of the way from. Gizonde works great, except for quartz, use megid. Aim for the wing or body.

No worries, I'm here to educate first and foremost.

Did it on Fi and Ra both finished in under a minute, he's probably hovering around 1m HP which isn't too much and can probably be done in a couple PA's. If you are playing Bow all you have to do is just go on distance, lock on and normal attacks. He can't really counter that.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Hey,if all else fails..I guess I can try that. I been playing my Force a lot more these last few days,maybe that would be what works for me?

@Macmaxi The only one move that got me is when those crystals decide to litterally fly from every sides. Not when they just form a single predictable line. That was the only thing that got me,except when he first appeared and suddenly his AI decided to just rush me and barely let me breathe for 15 seconds lol. That was purely the surprise that got me.

@Morgothryuzaki said in Story quest hardcore mode:

And please,don't just assume stuff,I stand my own very well in solo and multi content. Not everyone is a top player or cares to be though. I got my build off the actual Japanese builds website,I try my best doing some stuff. However hardcore mode is just that., HARDCORE.

Can you tell me what makes you think that? Solo quests are the best way to judge player capabilities for simple tasks like DPS, there is no confounding variable of other players and in general most story quests even on hardcore are supposed to be reasonably easy, maybe a bit annoying in case of some S ranks. Quartz Dragon in particular is a relatively sluggish EP1 or EP2 boss prone to getting repeatedly into flinch/stunlock if you attack the tip of his nose. In case you die I recommend just repeating the quest as practice makes perfect and teaches things impossible to learn by seeing.

I recommend getting used to such solo missions because once expert requirements hit you will suddenly stand before the wall of going through either 5 stages of highly damaging and aggressive mobs/bosses where you need to survive while dealing decent damage, and two boss rush where you need to learn your proper DPS rotation to fit within for new players strict time limit. Then once playerbase is split into expert and nonexpert matching I don't think you can expect any greater standards out of non expert matched players, and sometimes failed UQs even.