Soaring blades

Hi i just have a small question about soaring blades. Do they use elemental damage like jet boots or just mainly S-attack, and do they play similar in play style?

The stat that Soaring Blades use is MEL-Pwr.

Whether or not they are dependent on element is entirely decided by if you are using Elemental Stance or Break Stance.

If you are using Elemental Stance, then you will need a full set of Soaring Blades, one for each element, since they do not have the same element change ability of Jet Boots.

If you are using Break Stance along with the skill Break Stance D Bonus, then you only need a single set of Soaring Blades.

Soaring Blades and Jet Boots are different in play style due to the differences in how their Weapon Actions and Focus skills work, though they are both weapons that focus on aerial combat.

thanks for the information.