Star Gems Missing and can't send Support Ticket

Before the Independence Day update, I had somewhere around 600-700 SG. After said update, it went to 0 and after I redeemed today's rewards for the Alliance Campaign, now I only have 185. I checked my purchase history and my previous SG wasn't spent or expired. I'm in Ship 1.

Not only that but I can't seem to send a Support Ticket for help. I'm greeted with a blank white screen with the PSO2 logo. I've tried both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and the page doesn't work. What can I do? Are the Star Gems just lost for good?





@Gabe5770 if at first you don't succeed try try again

@Gabe5770 Do you know if you have received a response yet? This has just occurred to me this morning (2020/06/27) at roughly 7:56: AM (EDT) and just a few hours prior between 1:00-3:00 AM I had at least 800 (can't remember the exact number). It seems to have happened to other people as well according to this thread:

They honestly may have just disabled and discontinued support tickets then... I have been dealing with them ignoring my support ticket regarding a paid SG issue for nearly 2 weeks now.

Managed to find a reddit page ( ) that is discussing this exact issue. I would recommend supporting that post as much as possible if you are having this issue, as well as submitting a ticket to customer support.

The long and short of it is that both AC and SG are set to expire 1 year after purchase in Japan to avoid taxation of both corporations and people due to weird laws that Japan has. If you buy any additional AC and SG, the timer resets. However, this does not apply to earned SG as it does not have value under those laws. Though this still doesn't explain why SG is disappearing from NA users - the game hasn't even been out for a year in NA yet.

So anyone else having this problem, has Customer Support emailed you back yet? I am interested in seeing what the Customer Support responses are and see if there is something strange going on with sudden loss of SG - probably some sort of confirmation error.

I just received a response from Customer Support that said I had spent 700 SG on a Collection Folder, of all things. The thing is, I have no recollection of doing this, and I have read every dialogue box meticulously. I went ahead and looked at the Collections Folders and I had 6 slots, where I previously only remember having 5. I also tested buying a Collection Folder, and it takes two confirmations to even purchase one.

The thing is, I just found someone else who had their Star Gems suddenly disappear and Customer Support had just recently contacted them. They were told that they also bought a Collection Folder. We have both sent emails back that this is not the case and neither of us have any recollection of ever purchasing a Collection Folder. Could it be some sort of confirmation error in the UI for the Collection Expansion?

@AS7-D-00 That's insanely fishy... I'm pretty sure you would know if you clicked through two confirmation boxes... especially one with that rainbow SG icon. I'm inclined to also think that some sort of bug occurred. Kind of makes me nervous to go through the collection folders now...

I don't think they do any sort refunds via support, though, regardless of who was at fault so you might just be out of those SG.

I would hope they would give a refund because of a bug, should it be determined to be one and they fix it. They give out the apology stuff through the visiophone every now and then. 700 SG is 35$ with the 20 SG purchases, or 40$ if you get the two 480s for 960 SG.

All I know is that now I know of three people (including myself) that this apparently happened to, and all of us were charged for a collection folder purchase. What is weird though is one of us was only charged 560 SG, which is not the price of a collection folder. Two of us were charged on the same day (2020/06/26), I do not know the date the third person was charged.

Hopefully you have more luck with support than I did, but they told me no refund several times for a SG purchase I made that they omitted information on... they even waited until they patched in the fix for said issue to reply to me to tell me it was my fault for not reading information that was not there.

Yikes. Guess I should just write off my SG. Still gonna try to get it back though. Would be quite depressing if they are actually making gaslighting part of their sales model.

@AS7-D-00 the good news is that you can get star gem tickets just by logging in and some of the arks missions give gem tickets

Yeah I know that, but I already acquired all of the SG from the storyline. I purchased like 1$ worth of SG and the rest of my SG was earned via the story and whatever login bonuses from a little over a month of playing, and then lost 700 SG from this Collection Folder charge. If at all possible, I would really want my free SG back. Dont really like the idea of needing to play for a month with Outfit SG and login tickets to get back to where I was.

@AS7-D-00 are you sure that you didn't spend them and forgot doing so?

@TURION-MOONSTAR 100%. myself and two others have lost star gems randomly to a Collection Folder charge, and two of us were charged on the same day (I did not receive a date from the other person). I was charged 700, and one of them was charged 560 which makes no sense. It takes two confirmation boxes to buy a Collection Folder, and we all have the opinion that Collection Folders are the most useless (and most expensive) thing to buy with Star Gems. None of us have any recollection of even attempting to buy collection folders, and we expect that there is potentially an error in the Collection Folder UI somewhere.

I know of a fourth person that was also randomly charged for a Collection Folder, but was planning on getting one anyways so is not upset, but that person also does not have any recollection of buying a Collection Folder.

@AS7-D-00 Same thing just happened to me after maintenance today 😞 Did you ever get your SG back?