Done with the AC Scratch Rip Off

I know it's all RNG but I'm kind of sick of it and think I'm absolutely done wasting money on AC Scratch tickets. The past three times I've bought 12 tickets I've gotten garbage drops. Did I get even one of the new affix items when those tickets where out when I rolled 24 of them? Nope, all I got was crap elemental conversions (not light), useless safe enhancements, and a couple 100% great enhancements. The total value of those 24 tickets in the AH market is less then 5m.

This morning figuring maybe my bad luck ran out I bought 12 more for the new line.... Guess what I got this time? Not a damn thing worthy any meseta and nothing I would even use. Just more male base wear no one wants, male outwear no one wants, and the cheapest female outfits in the AH. This batch of 12 tickets is maybe worth 2m in the AH market.

At this point I'm thinking screw this. It's cheaper to buy mesesta off the black market and just buy the items from the AH I actually want. Screw wasting over $20 for less than 2M meseta worth of garbage.

damnn that sucks, i've spent $50 on it earlier today, didn't get anything worth too much besides the horn accessory and 2 of the Dragnica crests, total was worth maybe 10m. At least theres the ticket i got to choose any item off the list. prob gonna go with the chair dance for the NA thirsters.

For the most part, AC tickets are a waiting game. Very few items are going to sell high right away, the money comes from hoarding until the ticket is gone. Something that might be 2M now, might be 10M a week after the ticket is gone.

Other than that, its RNG, you just got unlucky.

Meanwhile I always get decent stuff that nets me at least 6 millions on day one. This time I opted out because all I wanted was the Daybreaker outfit,which I just bought while its cheap NOW rather than having to pay 20 mils one day.

@Morgothryuzaki how much did you yoink it for? was waiting for the suit to drop to at least 4m before i get it

@VicariousBark18 I got it for 4.5 mils,pretty good price for a full body like that

I just need to air my sour grapes! Do you guys want some?! I'll trade you a sour grape for an AC Scratch ticket.

@Lorient the problem with that is so very few players are willing to drop 10m on something they can't resell later. At this point if you're doing this, it's playing the very long game. Right now you can't even sell [Ba]'s worth 50m for 20m just because nobody is buying. I imagine this game isn't going to follow the JP market. Cosmetics where king in JP, and a lot of players aren't focusing on them here on NA. It's much better to quick flip items, buy low sell high.


Welcome to loot boxes?

Receiving male outfits from scratch in this game is really hurting.

@DeeVa It depends on the demand for the item. Meseta isn't hard to make in this game and if someone wants an item, they'll savefor it or farm Saiki/Nemesis/Slave for it. I just sold a 7M item last night, had to wait about 4 days for it to sell, but that's not bad at all to me.

@LapisWave Some of them do go up. I've noticed a spike in price for some of the ones from the Miku scratch after it went away.

@Lorient it's not hard to make for experienced players, the vast majority of the player base is not.

@DeeVa Saiki armor is farmable by Lv 50 easily with a group of 2 or more. Back piece sells for 10-15m depending on the day. The problem is most people don't have the patience to grind for it and would rather complain that they can't afford their 20m weapon (that they could also grind for) or their 7m costume. Lets not even take into account that the game gives you a free 3m a week between the 3 free characters you get.

@Lorient I don't even know how to reply to this. It seems like you're trying to make the argument that AC Scratch tickets are worthless because meseta is easy to make. But, surely, that can't be the case because if you considered basic economic principles that'd make no sense.

Oh, I think you're just trying to brag about how you think it's easy to make meseta. Which wasn't really the point of this thread. But hey congratulations you know the multiple character trick to get an easy 3M. Clap