Xmas Trees for 4th of July? Why??

Okay this might be a cultural thing, but with all of the stuff planned for 4th of July, I can't help that you have Christmas trees all over the place. Trees have nothing to do with United States Independence Day.

Also, are we going to also get Canada Day? There seems to be an overexertion of American appeal but North America is both United States and Canada.

I appreciate the Japanese developers are making an effort to make the West feel at home but this is kind of strange.

And if anyone is asking "WHERE DO YOU SEE THIS" please check the monitors for the preview in-game.

I think it's very smart to preview the next big event in-game, I always have to YouTube what items look like and I'm really excited for previews on the screens to break up the monotony of that same few videos over and over.


My one guess for the Xmas trees is that America has "Christmas in July", which is sometimes celebrated in some cities in the US. It's a reference from a 1940's Hollywood movie named as that.

Wild guess, but it's clever nonetheless.