I am very disapointed in PSO2 for having this Independence Day event


Been several people including myself suggesting that this thread be moved to Off-Topic.

It's been derailed from the main topic for extended periods of time on multiple occasions and nothing.

They're going to continue allowing this thread to be a cesspool of heated political and pseudo-scientific debate for some unknown reason.

There's been nothing positive coming out of this. It's just been dragging on and on for far too long whilst being embarrassingly unproductive. Especially with all the senseless bickering between multiple parties.

I understand this is "General Discussion", but I'm certain this thread has provided enough evidence to indicate it doesn't belong here.

No need to outright remove it. Just put it in Off-Topic where it rightfully belongs, please.

Certain people find things offensive.

Those things can be anything, even things that are outright "just" by any other normal individual.

While it seems clear that on a group level this topic is more or less dismissed, on an individual level the OP needs to learn that their biases are just that. Biases. Their intolerance for something stems from a lack of understanding, as most often is the case with intolerance.

I think we can close the book on this one. Thank you everyone for sharing your opinions!