Shop item Search bug

Noticed an odd issue with the shop item search the other day (before maint). Normally when you type in a partial name and use the search button at the top it will bring up a list of items. I tried this and it came up with nothing.

I did some testing and determined that if I were to do a general search using only the dropdowns, in this case baseware, and then scroll through until the item i am looking for shows up, I can then use that button as normal. It will not show all the color variants though until I do a generic search and then keep scrolling until I see one.

I'm not sure why this reset causing me to come up with nothing for every item.

This is an issue with the way that the game caches item names. Basically, the item cache can only hold a certain number of names, so things start being removed from it over time when you see new items.

Usually, the easiest thing to do is to load up the item lists from the scratch menus if it is available from there as that will mostly guarantee that they show up in the partial search; for older items, it is usually just best to find their name outside the game, type it in exactly as it should be and skip the partial search altogether.