Canada Day PLEASE!

I've played alot where they do Independence Day and understand why. I'm usually not the person to say anything about it either as we should be out celebrating offline. With recent events, those options are not there, so companies should recognize it more, especially this game as it came out at a perfect moment. A canada event at this moment of time is more important than the company's notice. Yes, Independence Day event but its pso2 NA, not pso2 USA. ALOT of canadians are gonna be on this game on the 1rst because we have not the choice of seeing fireworks, getting beaver tails, or going out to ride carnival rides. Oddly, this game was there for alot of us and helped us keep in contact with the outside world. For the most part, we will still find a way to celebrate, just I wish it was even something small like fireworks of red and white at 9pm or anything.

If not, I'm thinking of doing something in my personal quarters. So if you are on ship 2, my id is Red 16 76. Dunno what, but figure something out.

Seconding this. I'm cool with just a couple Canada Day themed items. Please let me have a mini Moose as a MAG. XD

As a Canadian,I need my fucking mounted police officer's outfit with the iconic hat and an 'eh' emote lmfao

As a southern neighbor I support this.

This year it started on the 23rd. How about cycling the available items weekly or biweekly to bring iconic images of different countries independence?

Of course we need to bring Canada in first, then we can work on the rest.

On the SEA servers, they were able to celebrate both Singapore and Malaysia's Independence day back-to-back (Singapore Independence Day event on PSO2 starting on August 9th and then transitioning to Malaysia Independence Day on August 31st) so... I second this as well! Having both events happen back-to-back.



If the NA version launches globally it would be great to have other international / other region's holidays as events. (Or at least a couple... it'd be hard to fit ALL of em)

Thanks guys for response, some people south of me like to complain about Canadians bringing up canada day. I understand for most part, just this years a bit different. It's cool to see positive replies, it's very rare. Lol

I can second this. MMOs with an NA service seem to systemically ignore Canada Day, despite the fact that it happens three days before Independence Day.