Matter Boards (Old Days)

Any one remember this good old days in the past?


I certainly do - I preferred it somehow as it gave you a target for the stories rather than just mindlessly click each one. I only recently managed to get PSO2 JP back up and running - last time I was there it was all matterboards

I remember these, and I actually loved the concept behind them. They were the first time an MMO was gutsy enough to make a proper "Quest Tree" system and have it actually work to some degree.

Oh the memories. Yes I remember, and miss them!

they dont do matter boards in the American version?

@Knightwalker54 said in Matter Boards (Old Days):

they dont do matter boards in the American version?

They don't do them in the Japanese version anymore either. Matter Boards were succeeded by the current Story Quest section of the quest counter. Before that however, there was a chapter select system (to skip to certain Episodes) in the Shopping Area when you made a new character and traveled to the shopping area. It allowed you to skip ahead in the story (and made you miss all of the quests from the matter boards.) They decided to streamline the story quests and take out all the tedium and fluff.