Some accessibility options

Some accessibility options would really make a big difference.

For example the chat is terrible, having the option of it always be solid color instead of transparent would really be helpful (not to mention a few toggle to not display looted mesetas on system and NPC lines on party would really be welcomed).

Also some actual UI scaling for using high resolutions.

Some of these sugggestions here are reasonable!

That said, UI scaling is already present (for screens that aren't above 1920x1080 mind you...). Its an option in the launcher ("Window/Text Size").

@Leonkh99 Yeah, i have already the UI at max scaling but i would love to have more options, my eyesight is far from perfect and the chat is really tiny on a big screen.

I'm really puzzled how this game is 8 years old and nobody on JP asked for those small fixes.

@Efreet2695 , in general I don't see that many Japanese-developed games offer that much in terms of accessibility settings. In PSO2's case, though the game lacks a Japanese forum, the devs have been good with communicating with their Japanese fans through other means and we did see some quality of life changes made as a result so... even to me the lack of these sort of changes appear quite odd. That said, my understanding of the Japanese market... JP players are far less vocal about these sort of things even when given an outlet on which to talk.

On another note... I would like to bring up that the game's age has done wonders for the game's source code. The development divison responsible for PSO2, "Online R&D", usually has a 'whatever works' attitude when it comes to coding the game. The game reuses a lot of code from Phantasy Star Universe (which released in 2006), Still uses DirectX9, has lots of unfinished and messy code that leads nowhere, and has some awkward practices in place....