I only want to say...

i love this game! THX SEGA, thats SEGA at its best!!!! in the next years i want to hear something about pso3 on a new SEGA Console 😄 Exclusiv 🐶

okey... pso3 would be enough... but think about about a new SEGA Hardware in form from a new gaming PC like your SEGA Laptops Notebooks 10 Years ago 🙂

greetings from the dreamarena,

in love, peace and happiness,


@mickschen Thank you man for some good old fashion positivity. I agree, I hope Sega sees how much love there is for PSO and we get it back in the loop of things from here on out.

Yeah, i hope to be at the same versions like the japanese server, then 1-2 year playing together with them and then ...BOOM PSO3 wooooowwww... would be awesom!

i love SEGA... playing only SEGA Games with SEGA as producer oder SEGA as publisher... its enough for me.. have no time for playing 200 Games in one month, so i look back at my child hood and only playing what makes me happy, and thats SEGA! Sonic Racing, Forces, and some things like Comapny of Heroes with the Companies from SEGA like Relic and Creativ Assemby, then the mobile Games from SEGA and all this Stuff! Like that a lot!

well the new xbox is gonna be marketed to japan as the new sega console... 😛 so there is a start.

I was always a nintendo kid, from NES through SNES and N64... then dreamcast came... and id found my new home 🙂 I always had mates with megadrives (genesis) and the many expansions to the hardware so i was never exclusive to one or the other.

Im in the PC master race now though.

Lets hope SEGA is on the up once more and we get more awesomeness like the good old days.

Even with all the problems I’ve faced on pc I’m really enjoying this game, definitely a fun experience overall ^.^

SEGA is big on PC since 7-8 Years, on Steam only. Now a lil bit with Microsoft. But after Dreamcast was dead, i never was so home again like i was with SEGA! After 10-Years old with an old PC and alot of Counter Strie, Command & Conquer and a lot of party, i bought a new PC and saw what SEGA is doing on PC and Mobile and then i was home again... again with SEGA 😄 And if some really big fishes come to Xbox Series, i will buy this one...