Ship 02: Tears Of Azrael is now recruiting (Discord Link Inside)

Ill be brief Tears of Azrael is recruiting for the future release we already have around 15 members and welcome anyone who wants to play reguardless of age, level, and how often you wanna play. (Though you need to be mature in how you act ^-^)

We have a discord and our alliance has unlocked alot of the expansions already and have begun leveling up our photon tree for alliance buffs! Hope to see you all there!

We also have plans to work on becoming content creators for the game but we will see how that goes and are working on a alliance website!

  • Be Mature

  • All Ages Welcome

  • Have Fun!

  • Work Together!


lol my discord link was broken and i didn't realize it lol but now its fixed 👍

Figured I'd bump this so far 4 new people have joined from the forums ^_^

Hope everyone is ready be sure to think about those 2 new "founder packs" they are offering i plan to get both myself (Yes this is mostly a bump) We have had 5 new people join our alliance recently putting us up to nearly 20 members =D

we are growing fast hope to see some new faces soon ^-^

Growing fast join while you can active discord with plenty of people helping who have experience from the JP version (Once again its a bump mostly but its all still true lol)