Option to 'disable event lobby music'/'always play default lobby music'

I think it would be a great option to be able to always play the default lobby music, just by ticking a box in the settings menu or something. The default lobby music is a very chilling and relaxing track that fits really well with the atmosphere of the lobby area, in my opinion. Not only that, but with the constant events changing the music, it can be quite rare to get to listen to it at all (which is a shame, since it creates the best experience, I feel).

Doesn't sound like a complicated feature to implement either. I have a feeling a good amount of players would enjoy this being implemented, but please let me know if you do think so. The more of us actually show interest, the bigger the chance this becomes a thing. πŸ™‚

Just wait until Samba de amigo.... But I thought the game did offer players to hear the retro music play in the background but I think I am wrong on that. Still I had to end up muting my tv for the bad ones. It's a lot worse during story when you can't hear character speach over music playing.

@coldreactive The mute button will be your best friend. I tend to watch anime/tv/lisiting to music on my ipad anyways while playing so I 'll just headphone for that time.

@ERICK001BC Problem is, overall the music in the game is great. But having to mute/unmute for all the back and forth from the lobby is some busy work that we could be better off without. πŸ™

@LinkArcadia I agree, a lot of PSO music is just out of this world good. But yeah sometimes we gotta give these new tracks a try. I tend to just hit alliance, personal for the music tracks. But because of the events they want people to know that it is a event!!! I think after we catch up things will go back to normal and we will have more time between events.

@ERICK001BC Mhm, I think it would work best as an "opt-in" option to always play the default track. So by default people would know if there's an event or not, and people who don't think they need that can just have the default lobby music. 😊

@coldreactive lol Yeah you caught me.

@LinkArcadia if you don't like it just turn the music volume all the way down to zero

@TURION-MOONSTAR yes they can do this but it would be nice to have a option to turn off event music and have the normal still play that’s what this post is meant for

@SaviorZero82 it's a matter of personal preference, end of discussion

Can we also have "turn the lights back on"? Why is a cosmetics heavy game shrouded in darkness for nearly a month in the shopping area?