Phantasy Star Online 2 - Soundtrack Western Release + Other Game Soundtracks

Not sure if this post belongs here or another section but... it is a suggestion for the sake of the community.

Phantasy Star has had lots of music releases over time via albums which had mainly been available exclusively to Japan and such was the case (obviously) for Phantasy Star Online 2. With other game companies willingness to release their game's albums digitally on platforms like Spotify and SEGA not being too far behind that (with some improvements needed, more on that later...) and Phantasy Star Online 2 finally releasing in the West (as well as the fact that IDOLA's track is available internationally despite being Japan exclusive... so releasing in the West never appeared to have been a requirement...), I think it would be good if SEGA were to release Phantasy Star Online 2's Original Soundtracks digitally and internationally:






In addition, the various Quna albums would be great... maybe even accompanied with their English dub version alongside their Japanese version.

Now... the other thing. SEGA has been a bit inconsistent with their album releases on Spotify... tracks are removed and put up for no reason... in some cases though they plain never come back up. Have a look here:


From these saved albums, the only ones you are allowed to listen to are Phantasy Star Zero and Phantasy Star Universe Ambitions of the Illuminus (and the two Panzer Dragoon titles)... all the other tracks, including from the first PSO, are 'unlisted'.

Thank you for bringing this up! We will add this to our suggestion pool for consideration. 🙂

I wanna add my hat to this. SEGA has quite a good reputation for its music and to see that some of it isn't allowed to be heard by us over on this side of the pond has always been disheartening. It is certainly well loved and I'd like it to be more available if at all possible.

I'm late chiming in on this but I +1 this. I see the IDOLA soundtrack is available on Spotify here as well as other Phantasy Star related albums. Would be nice for PSO2 to join that since there's some gold in there.

@Moofey Phantasy Star Zero and Phantasy Star Universe: Ambitions of the Illuminus' soundtrack was made available on Spotify earlier this year. As shown in the screenshots, the other soundtracks had been setup by their SEGA SOUND TEAM account but appears to be unlisted... whether all the soundtracks were available at some point or not I do not know.

I also am going to 1+ this. The main reason I even purchased PSO EP III was the music. I find the music to be very important within this game, and within Sega games in general. So missing any, is a big concern for me.

Bumping this up because while iTunes has some Phantasy Star music, I would really love to own the Quna soundtrack. It’s not on iTunes or Spotify and there’s no global release of the CD.

I would give anything for the english version of Eternal Encore!

Another bump, It'd be lovely to lose the region lock now that PSO2 is available globally.