Story Quest Shared Between

So I finished Story Quest 1-3 on my first character of the account and when I went to my second character on the account it didn't have any available. So my question is, is the story quest shared between all your characters on the account? Like can you resume story quest where you left off on any of the characters of the account. I even checked on my second low level character and it can invite everyone from the story even though it hasn't done anything. So a clarification on this would be appreciated and thanks.

The story quest completion is shared between all characters on the account. This is mainly because certain story quests give SG, which is one of the semi-premium currencies.

This also means all characters get partner cards that are awarded from the story too.

Ok thanks, makes sense

You can also re-play story quests by clicking the orange dropdown at the top of the list and choosing the "All" option.

Could someone help me out and list the number of main story quests per episode? I'm up to quest 114 in Episode 1 and I see no end in sight. T.T I've looked in a lot of places, but I can't find any mention of this.