Now, hear me out, what if there was an option to have a way to be able to take screenshots that look really good? like--

"But Pun! We have the fixed cameras and filters! Why are you suggesting something like /gpose from FF14? We already have it!"

....Like Captura, from Warframe. We have single cell areas, and we're free to spawn in NPCs as we see fit, from our Auxilaries, to enemies, to the raid bosses, provided the environment is appropriate. Now, this seems a bit shallow, right away, but we can make it to a degree where we earn it. I would suggest tickets that drop from enemies for the environments. Make these tickets a rare drop, at a 10* rank. An alternative is to have it where the environments unlock when you complete the respective exploration missions on every difficulty. As for the raid bosses, like Elder and Luther, a ticket could drop from them, for their little arenas, where you can have them present. Elder would be only available at his arena, and Luther would be only available at his.

As for its mechanics, aside from spawning in NPCs, you can make them do specific motions or attacks, and freeze them in their animations. For example, Luther. Not many people can whip up a camera of a low angle of them frozen in time, midair, and off to the side, facing Luther, within the little bit of time that's given to break out and bust all of the swords. Also, who wouldn't want a picture of them surrounded by Darkers-- I mean Falspawn, making it look like they have a slim chance of survival? It could even be used to write out a story, for those that like to play out a tale for their characters.

What do you all think?