Expecting anything relevant this maintenance?

I can only think of Profound Darkness and maybe the Amduskia ultimate. Drawing a blank on everything else.

@DHG-MumfordsSon they will probably not do Profound until the next maintenance on the 7th. We could see our first NA exclusive event (around Independence Day) or we will see the start of the summer events/participate in the PSO2JP anniversary sfuffs.

TD4, PD, CM, maybe a limited quest, maybe beach seasonal. There's not much, but there are some.

Meanwhile the only true hint we have is the fresh find's shop news post and showing "Virtual Planet Battle Training Trigger". This is drawing a blank for me honestly.

Anything they do to provide a stable install will automatically be the most significant change.

The newest FUN scratch is pretty muted.

The maintenance announcement isn't promising anything this time either, and it's shorter than the only other maintenance PC has had so far.

I hear they never allow the default lobby theme to play, so I expect there'll be something to replace Station Square.

Schrodinger's lobby music.

I am wondering what the Virtual Planet Battle Training Trigger in the Fresh Finds Shop is for (haven't had a chance to log in yet to see it). My first thought was TD VR, but that has Episode 4 enemies in it, so maybe we are getting one of the Limited Quests with the trigger being a 4-man version of it?

I just want to get away from the annoying Sonic music lol.

AC scratch doesn't have anything NA exclusive or anything summery, seems like a meh 2 weeks ahead.

@Tomoe Samba De amigo OR Sonic music.

Pick yer poison πŸ˜„

There's this "Virtual Planet Battle" trigger in fresh finds which is not a thing JP has ever had afaik.

@SleeprunnerInc said in Expecting anything relevant this maintenance?:

@Tomoe Samba De amigo OR Sonic music.

Pick yer poison πŸ˜„

You're forgetting Burning Rangers; both Online and Universe featured Angels with Burning Hearts which is leagues better than either of those.

The UQ don’t seem that hot. Some lame training thing and the sea serpent one for next week.

Going to be a two week period to finish a few other games.

Interesting inputs guys!

I’m thinking Vegas after the Twitter hint. Be a fun new chance of scenery.

Episode 5 style AC scratch with one of my fav hair 😞 thought i would have time to farm meseta for it... paid 70m for it on JP