Issues with new install using the Tweaker

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post this since I wasn't finding anything online atm about how to fix an issue I was running into when installing PSO2 with the Arks-Layer PSO2 Tweaker. This is for anyone who is still unable to get the game to run after executing the script in their respective PHANTASYSTARNONLINE2_NA folder path.

Like many of you I followed the directions for new installs exactly how they are found on the Arks-Layer website. Unfortunately this did not work for me. After running the script in the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA folder that the Tweaker creates I did not get a message from the Powershell "Good, only found one custom PSO2 install. Press any key."

When you first run the script in your PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA folder check the log file that it spits out. Should be named something like "PSO2NA_PSLOG.log." In there it will say at the end of the log

"The PowerScript NOW need to be placed in the Tweaker folder to be able to read the UpdateEngine JSON files."

Put the script in your "PSO2 Tweaker" folder and NOT in any subfolders. Run it there as well. When its done check the log file it spits out. It should say something at the end of the log like "Reboot required." Reboot your PC and then run the script again in the same "PSO2 Tweaker" folder and then it should now complete its thing. The script will end with a message "Good, only found one custom PSO2 install."

You should be able to run the game now from the Tweaker launcher

@The-Widow-s-Son Thank you so much! I had to reinstall using Tweaker today and ran into this exact problem.

@The-Widow-s-Son where can I find the PSO2 TWEAKER folder? I can't find any folder with that name.

EDIT: Thanks to someone on the discord I found my own answer:

right click the the desktop shortcut for pso2 tweaker and click open file location, that is where you want to run the shell program thing. hope this helps anyone.

@SaffronSea22016 I put the script in the PSO2 Tweaker folder but when I go back to the other file where I put the window's fix program file, it keeps saying the same issue with "The PowershellScript NOW.." How did you fix it?

@Alexa So after I put the script in the pso tweaker file I ran it from that location I never went backto the other one, maybe delete the program from the old file location? I suggest joining the PSO2 tweaker discord ( they have a tech support chat channel that was very helpful to me.