About Maining Only One Weapon...

So, How much dps do you lose if you choose to neglect one of the bouncer weapons because they dont feel great for you?

The only one i know who plays bouncer says that having either Jet Boots charge or Photon Blade Fever all the time is big damage.

Im gonna main Jet Boots bouncer after i max out braver because Boots felt better than Katana. I kinda regret being fixated on the katana for such a long time and not seeing this gem of a weapon...

I feel like maining only one weapon on Bouncer is really gimping the class

With the current amount of Skill Points, trying to main both does require some concessions in terms of the allocation of Skill Points. You can easily just main one weapon, but you do still want to have the other for situations like Anga gaining resistance to the other.

From what I understand, you can get bonus bouncer class points, by talking to Kotori and Saga, (think that's how you spell their names, it's two in the morning, and I'm tired.) But you need to complete their quests, have been leveled to 75, and get the bouncer Ex-Cubes. So it is possible to use both class weapons. I know, because I do. I combined mine bouncer class with the fighter as a subclass because of dexterity bonuses, and I used my mag to further them to a point. I'm still working on my build, but I melt enemies right now, at current, while I'm leveling my fighter. I'm also going to get the bonus fighter points from it's vanguard, as I call them. After that, it's all about augments on your gear, for damage and defense, as well as the base defense bonus and attack the gear gives. Not to mention set bonuses applied on top of the augment bonuses, in regard to your armor specifically as all play into your stats. Then lastly you have to take into account, what weapon you use, as each have their own unique unlock as you enhance them.

I'm no expert however, as I've basically just been running on gut instinct.

i actually did a dual weapons build on my bouncer and i regret it, JB is garbage atm, go for soaring blade

@WillfulChart930 What's your damage output with your Jet Boots? You might have spent your points wrong.

How are jet boots garbage? I like being able to do over 400k damage every 6 seconds or so.

@Ragon419 Based on another thread they posted in, their reason for saying that is that we don't have the Element Preservation ring yet, so they keep losing the charged element when using the Weapon Action for dodging. While it is a valid complaint (that actually lead to the creation of the ring in the first place), it definitely does not make Jet Boots garbage.

I use the weapon action for dodging all the time but I do an attack or another RT dodge right after and I don't lose my element.

@Ragon419 That is unusual, since you should be reverting back to your weapon's default element when using the normal weapon action (not deriving from another attack or PA), since that is the way to remove element and use Elemental Burst.

I do that for fast traversal too, rt to dodge, rb for weapon action, keep spamming them quickly and you , move thru a zone fast combined with your dash photon art. And don't lose your element.

@Ragon419 Yeah, Dodge->Weapon Action doesn't lose element since that is a derived attack; Weapon Action by itself makes you lose element.

I mean, I've honestly never ever used weapon action on it's own before. The dodge and the weapon action both give invincibility and give more distance so I've always used both together. /shrug

I actually like how the Jet Boots revert their element on Weapon Action, considering how my Nox Placis are light-element. I can use Wind when dealing with the Phantoms in the VR Battle Training before just hitting the Weapon Action button to switch back to light to whale on the Falspawn.

Also, JB hit harder and faster on average than DB, but have the disadvantage of having one concentrated, short-ranged nuke for their bossing DPS as well being forced to get up in enemies' faces to deal maximum damage on top of using Techniques to swap elements. JB are also more party-friendly than DB, as their PA come with Shifta, Deband, and Zanverse built in should you have them on any sub-palette.