Wasted 520 SG on fresh finds outfit...

I expected to be able to use my color change pass on it, that was the only reason i bought it cause i saw a white version of the cursed outfit and thought ill get it just for that.

Thanks SEGA for not making it clear which outfits can or cant be recolored, i will never buy another costume from frsh finds again.

i'm sorry bro/sis, that's a big rip.

i don't like fresh finds because the items are not previewable or tradeable but what you did was your own fault. It's because of the lack of information and the knowledge that some outfits are not dyable that should have somehow made you look it up before buying.

In fact there is a forum thread here with preview and informations and there is another tool updated daily with all the informations about it. ( just look up fresh finds on github )

@Superbia6868 i dont see how that makes it my fault, it only shows the color bar on items after you bought it, i should not be needing to check outside the game for information about this, thats just poor inconsistent programming. it doesnt exactly help that there are google pics of this outfit in different colors either...

At this point, I don't assume ANYTHING in the game can be recolored before I've verified it somewhere because a good 75% of the fashion in this game can't be.

Don't waste your SG on Fresh Find. Its a scam. On the JP version some of the Accessories and Hair Styles are from Fun Scratch. They are trying to sell it to you for SG which is a rip off. I remember seeing "Wild Pony Hairstyle" and went to check the pso2.swiki.jp and bumped. Sure enough it was a Fun Scratch which they try to sell for SG. Always do your research before buying it.

I mean, if they aren't going to be available elsewhere, is it really a ripoff? They're already been modifying a lot of the scratch tickets so I highly doubt the stuff from Fresh Finds are going to be in later tickets.

I'm sorry to say that it is ... kind of your fault... In fact a lot of costumes in the game are not able to be color changed. The outfit is a full outfit. None of the full outfits are color changeable. Only outerwear can be. You can see that clearly in the salon. I don't think they were misleading at all. It tells you it's a full outfit.

@Cikia Not 100% correct, many of the full outfits from the gold mission pass are color changeable.

@Cikia false. Some outfits can be recolored. I have several outfits ive changed the color of.

fresh finds ... cant sell, many be can't re-colored, cant preview, overpriced ... Fresh finds is a terrible value in comparison to AC scratch and AC is freaking gatcha, i find fresh finds a WORSE VALUE THAN A DAMN LOOTBOX .... grrrr...

@Lorient @Zeara Thanks for the correction. Not too important of a point though, as he still shouldn't be spending on something that clearly shows it's black and expects it to be changed to white unless ALL costumes in the game can be changed. I don't think any of the SG outfits have had the option. They come in different colors in the daily section.

FResh finds on NA is totally a rip off.

It's a scam made so people will buy more stargems with a heavy monetization scheme.

It's not easy to get star gems making it a limited supply.

A few things to consider

  1. The Japan model is not used here. I assume this is the part of the game where the NA team decided to toss the monetization because it's cosmetic and doesn't affect the gameplay. So while people will compare NA Fresh Finds with their JP version and also compare where this or that cosmetic comes from, the fact is that the NA monetization model is different, so different things will happen.

  2. In my opinion, it's not OP's fault that he bought an outfit he saw differently colored on a Google search only to find out they were different, uncolorable outfits. The game itself SHOULD point out exactly what you are buying, in my opinion. And while we are thankful for the effort of other players trying to bring this info to the rest, this is a burden that should have been taken by the actual dev team. So if any GM reads, please add a preview feature to Fresh Finds.

EDIT: Corrected my statement about outfit colors.

The price for SG is insane, too. Example being the new Kingdom Hearts thing that's like 520SG.

For 480 SG since you can't edit the amount you want, you have to pay $20 for 480, I think $5 more just to the right amount, assuming you don't have ANY SG and that doesn't include the new hair so add to whatever that price may be.

$25 for outfits like that is yikes but I think that's common in MMOs but Jesus lmao.

@Tomoe 25$ is pretty much the price I see many companies selling their outfits for. At least those outfits directly sold. Some games do have "premium" outfits with more desirable features like shining things or more revealing parts, which are instead put onto RNG boxes, and those may sell for as little as 99 cents, but the chances are so low that some people may end up wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars and only get "health pots".

It's a practice I hate and feel should be banned from all gaming. But since whales accepted and embraced it in other games, other companies see a potential to profit from it because they are "cosmetics that do not harm the game".