Cursed Hood as a female?

Is the only way of getting the Cursed Hood hair as a female character buying the male cursed set from the Fresh Finds shop? Since it's not tradeable and part of the male pack, and the Female one has a different hair I'm curious if that's the only way, kinda scummy if it is. Why not add both hair options to both sets?

I would also like to know.

I wouldn't be surprised if the hood showed up separately in the shop at some point. I would hold off buying the male set until you see if its going to show up individually on a daily rotation.

@Lorient The hoods in the fresh find shop today!

@LovedChunk122 Its actually Cursed Hood B, so quick question does it change colour depending on what you are wearing?

@Albus-Rabbit According to the sticky thread that goes over the current items, yes.

Which thanks again @Fiona-Respha for putting so much work into updating us on previews of the daily items!!

@Xurai Seconded. I've been checking that thread every day!

starting to wish they would give a weekly list of accessory items coming to the fresh finds shop. it doesn't have to say what day something is coming but at the very least we'd know whats coming. had to buy the hood twice because i didn't know they were going to put out the original right after the B version and i didn't want to chance missing the hood because i missed an item before waiting for its variant to drop that didn't.

@Koyuta I think that's working as intended, getting you to spend money for SG either from the threat of maybe missing out on an item and/or via not having enough SG on-hand and needing to make the purchase before the item disappears forever. A more PR response would probably say that it rewards "hardcore" fans who play often and encourages players to check daily.