Controller Question

Is there any way to disable a button function on a controller? Specifically, I want to disable the right stick click (Over the shoulder view). The only options I see is to swap the function with something else, but I want that button to do nothing not just something else. Am I missing something or is there a way to completely disable it?

When setting the button, just press the button that is already assigned and it will clear it. So in your case, go to the OTS view toggle in your controller settings, select it to change, then just press R3 (right stick click) and it will clear the function.

Awesome, thank you!

I use down on the D-pad for TPS. I use the dodge action for my right stick, if that helps you. The former is out of the way, and you don't accidentally click it.

@Pun I'm not worried about that, I'm using rewasd to create a shift layer so I can access the subpallet easier. Right now I have right trigger set as the modifier and B set as dodge. This layout works fine but I would prefer to have right trigger back so I'm going to make the right stick the modifier then map it to one of the paddles on my controller.

Is that so? I could give you my layout, if you'd like, and make it easier on you, if need be.

Nah I'm ok. The last hurddle was figuring out how to turn off whatever button I was going to use as shift. Thanks though!

@Pun Hey did the update break your keybinds in rewasd? If so know of any workarounds? I know previous updates broke antimirco and joy2key binds for people so I guess I should have expected this.

I don't use rewasd. I set up my binds, directly.

ah ok thanks anyway