Anyone know what the 818 ban means?

818 ban says it lasts 62 hrs. What did I do? I didn't do anything bad yesterday but I'm banned for 3 days?

You don't randomly get banned for 3 days by doing nothing. You got reported by saying or doing something dickish in-game and now you're unable to play the game.

@Novaline well all I did was advertise my personal shop soooooo...

815 is the ban related to communication, 818 has to be for a specific action.

Did you try redeeming multiple game pass codes? Trying to claim the same perk multiple times will get ya clapped.

@John-Paul-RAGE no, I haven't done anything like that

@BobbumMan26 interesting.

Any questionable symbol art?

if its communication related likely a report of inappropriate art.

could of been done any day in past and just caught up to you.

many ppl report "bad" arts.