Story Quest Length Problems

Over the last couple weekends I pushed myself to get through Episode 2, chapter 5 for the event rewards. While playing, the length of each individual quest was usually around 1-2 minutes. Pop down to the surface, exchange a couple words with an NPC (you say forces are the best? thanks for that info, bye!), and back to the menu. Combat missions were more variable. Most tended to be a boss battle, with maybe a little bit of mob clearing before hand - nothing more than you would see in a normal expedition type quest.

Then there are a few specific quests that took 1-2 hours to complete. These behemoths (I'm sure you know which ones I mean) feature 6-9 areas, multiple cut scenes between each area, multiple boss fights, and dialogue variations between being able to actively move to the next dialogue or not. Why? Let's hit a few bullet points of the problems with these.

  • There is no indicator in the quest list of how long a mission is expected to take. I would really appreciate an indicator of how much time I should set aside to run the next story quest, that way I'm not starting what looks like a simple boss fight before dinner, only to get sucked into a 2 hour rundown of basically the entire plot of episode 2.
  • There is no pause function. Of course you can't pause during multiplayer, but when you end up in these long quests the only way to take a break without potentially impacting your rating at the end is to find one of the cutscenes that allows you to advance dialogue yourself, and not advance the dialogue. This is a single player game mode, and not being able to actively pause during the story is pretty frustrating.
  • The length balance is just whack. Putting aside the functionality that would be required to resolve my previous points, there is absolutely no reason that I should have some quests that are only about 3 lines of dialogue, some entire chapters that take under an hour, and some quests that take longer to complete than a full feature length movie. Break these things up. I realize that each quest is essentially your character going through an entire trip away from the ship, but the continuity of it really really doesn't matter that much. It just feels fatiguing to try to play through some quests.

I am really enjoying the story so far. But man I do not enjoy the format in which the story is presented. Sitting down for a snack and getting a 9 course meal is just exhausting.

@redria7 Pretty certain most of these extremely long quests save your progress as you go through - you can then leave and come back I believe? (Not tried it but I'm pretty certain that's why they do that.)

I do agree though - some warning about how they might take beforehand would be great

@ScrawnyKitty I think I saw that "quest progress saved" indicator on the long 2.4 quest, but I didn't want to take the chance of leaving and having to replay the whole thing. That mechanic isn't mentioned or explained anywhere else. Also your rating at the end is better if you do it all in one shot. It's probably the only way to get S rank.

@redria7 Yeah I've never taken the option, but I only do them on casual. I sometimes go back and do hardcore on some of them, but just want them over with really 🙄

Funny I was on the last part of the end. And I thought I could finish before work and eat, NOPE! 40 minutes no save time. I am like come on where is save....why is this keep going on! I made it to work on time but it was like last minute. LOL