Will Gone with the wind & rain ever show up during the morning?

I play PSO2 from 6-8 am to 3 pm and this UQ doesn't ever show up and when it does I'm unable to play

Tbh as the game is aimed at NA then I've noticed most of the UQs are showing up during NA prime time. I'm in EU and there's huge chunks of time in the schedule when there's nothing (usually in the early hours of NA morning but I'm 8 hours ahead).

Maybe when/if the game goes global we'll get an even distribution of these UQs - especially those that we need for bingo cards etc.

@ScrawnyKitty It doesn't even matter anymore because it's gone so I couldn't finish the bingo card and that makes me sad

@HungryNinja8U Aww me neither - I had 2 UQs to do from the reverse and wasn't able to do them due to the UQ schedule. If they're thinking of going global this really needs some attention. It wouldn't take much to have them running 24/7 - not sure why there's a huge chunk of hours with nothing scheduled.

Sure I know there will be unscheduled UQs running during that time, but never the ones you need for events 😢