Huge Augment Bug - Precision Boost or one of the 3 augments will make you do less damage as a ranger

Hello PSO2 Staffers,

I strongly believe that there is an augment bug from one of the following augmentations:

Apprentice Soul, Precision III, Arks Fever, or Precision Boost

However, I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the problems lies in Precision Boost if everybody else is using Apprentice Soul, Precision III, Arks Fever just fine.

I upslotted my Circaray Arm unit from the default one that came from the rising badge 2 shop ( 3 slots to 4 slots) and changed the augments as well. However, I noticed right after during a Mag UQ run, that I went down from avg 10k dmg to 6k dmg? This was weird, but people on discord were quick to dismiss it as another problem that could have caused less damage and not the changed unit. However, nothing else has changed except that one unit that I touched. The weapon I was using the same, same classes/subclasses, same other units/rings, same movement I was doing during usual Mag runs.

So I decided to go a step further and get a 2 slot Brissa Unit with just a Fang Soul and Precision III. I then went to the calculated dmg practice quest with the rockbear and found out I was doing more damage with a 2 slot Brissa Unir with Fang soul and Precision III then a 4 slot Ray unit with Apprentice Soul, Precision III, Arks Fever and Precision Boost.

2slot Brissa Unit: 22,000 dmg avg a hit... ( Fang Soul + Precision III ) 4 slot Brissa Unit: 19,000 dmg avg a hit... ( App soul + Precision III + ARKS Fever + Precision Boost )

Please check this out whenever your time is available!

PS: This precision boost affix came from the affix augment ( range )/ Precision Boost came from the mission pass gold tier 15...

Default Ray Unit.PNG Augmented Ray Unit.PNG Brissa Unit that does more damage than Augmented Ray Unit.PNG