Vasque Replica?

in the news article it said that it has male and female versions but in the fresh finds shop it only says male. all my characters are female, does it have a female variant if I buy it or not?

The item description says Race (Gender) / All (All). So i assume females can wear it

I regret buying it, females can wear it but no way to get rid of the helmet.

I just wish that SG would drop more,at this point it feels like there is an SG draught and I have heard that in Japan this wasn't an issue.

Yes SG is easy on JP, Casino, PSO2es, PvP, buster quest, IDOLA, frequent keywords from streams

I hope that we get to that point as well,because the SG buying is far too costly for a simple costume.


Never mind

OP is asking about the outfit on the right, it says Men's Outfits underneath but its for both genders

when I said Vasque Replica I meant Vasque Replica. Cursed coat is an entirely different outfit.

My bad heheh, was up most of this morning.

@Morgothryuzaki I don't think the NA devs thought it through when implementing it.

Or they just wanted heavy monetization.

You know what would work and correct me if its already like it.

But having Premium give you daily 50-100 stargems every day for it being active so people would be more inclined to buy it.

@SleeprunnerInc Honestly? I could get behind that. Especially right now when we don't have the Japan's ease of earning SGs. Honestly that would fix the issue alltogether as long as the player doesn't go ham on SG spending. It would at least ensure that every fresh find shops refresh the player could get most of what they want from the high profile items.

@Morgothryuzaki Yep and on top of that, while it would limit people buying stargems, it would still earn them money every month more than singular star gem purchases because NO ONE will buy stargems for like 10 bucks just to be able to afford 1-2 pieces of COSMETICS that you can't even PREVIEW.

@SleeprunnerInc exactly. Like some stuff I'd want and some of it is priced fairly enough really. but the high profile items are so ridiculously priced. over 25 USD for a freaking cosmetic item???? You gotta be joking.

@Morgothryuzaki Yep, its on the level of BDO cosmetics.

But even in BDO you CAN buy everything ingame for ingame currency yet here, most SG purchases you cannot even SELL.