Ragol Edition uninstalled game

Been playing since PC launch, had minor issues including game nuking itself once after a reboot. But this morning I decided to buy the Ragol Pack since my premium is expiring soon and I want to support the NA version of the game rather than spend more money on JP. After I purchased it, the Microsoft Store evidently decided to uninstall my PSO2 install I already had. Thankfully I have good internet so redownloading it won't take long but it's a very annoying "feature" of having this game on the Windows Store.

This is actually a known bug with MS Store version. Use the Tweaker, trust me it is the better option until PSO2 hits Steam later this year.

*Note, when buying AC or Ragol Packs, use a browser and paypal instead of the MS Store App. This bypasses the App's desire to install the game if you use the Tweaker.

@Wolf-Moonstar is it really coming out on steam? if so... can't wait.. lol