Fashion/appearances etc

Is there any possibility of a fashion catalog or such ? Like once we unlock an appearance or the like, that the item itself could just be consumed and added to a list we could just pick from at the fashion npc ? I'm a completionist/collector and running out of space for things is a constant worry for me.

I'm pretty sure the camo system requires you to glamour it on to a piece of gear similar to that of how old FFXIV 2.x used to do it. Other posts I've seen around here have stated people storing camo/fashion items, and needing space for it.

The only thing I can put as an example if the halo rings we got. You use a voucher to unlock them and then can equip them whenever you like in the fashion settings.

@Id0lHeart inner wear / outer wear, accessories, and hair/facial features are consumables, but the "outfits" and weapon camos have to be in your inventory to apply the appearance.

@John-Paul-RAGE Aye, those should be consumable and tossed into the character modification menu is what i am saying.