[Ship 3] Discord for players to hangout/find guides/ do AQS/Urgents/Ultimates together. Pretty active!

Hey, peeps! So, My Alliance, "Gorillas" does Ultimate/AQs/Urgents together (usually full 12 member raids). It's really fun to do as a group so I decided to open our Discord (separate channels) for the community. You don't have to leave your Alliance to join, just come on in, hangout, make parties, get advice and make friends. Newb and Veteran friendly.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xEEVNsm

You can also message me in game/ respond here for more info.

IGN: Bananas

Keep coming in, guys!

Come hang out during this maint!

don't we already have an official discord ? why would this be necessary ?