Search function in player shop returns no results.

When searching too frequently, I suddenly get zero results. Even with a fresh slate and picking something that would obviously be listed, it returns no results. I could search item market prices on one of my items via inventory and it shows other items listed. If I were to search that exact item in the player shops, it still will not return any results.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. I had to fully reinstall the game to make it work again. This is incredibly game breaking if one cannot use the search function. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi! Have you tried sending a ticket regarding this issue? Our support team is more than happy to assist you. You may send a ticket in this link 😊

I'll go ahead and send a ticket. Thank you.

Searching on another ship works just fine. Is there a temporary lock if you search too frequently? If so, it should be stated so people don't freak out and reinstall. I have limited bandwidth allotted to me monthly.

My search function seems very fragile as well. I don't have this specific problem, but on Windows I've had most of my entries go missing. It's like the game forgets items and they can't be searched until I encounter them in a more broad search or in game.

It's all so strange.

I also have this problem. I hope it gets resolved quickly...

It's been an issue for a while, here's a link to the original thread and how to get around it for now. (see last post)

If this has helped you, feel free to like my Lookbook on Ship 2. Search DeeVa in at the Visiphone under ARKS SEARCH.

I just posted about something similar in the bug report section. Not sure if it's the same issue.

I'm not sure you're encountering a bug so much as it's just janky as all get out. I'm kinda surprised it works the way it does. I'd like for example, to search for "<outfit part name>" and get all results related to it, namely different colors, however it never works. It has to be the exact item name to work. If you hit the search button to the right of the input box, it'll show you results for actual item names, you can then pick one, and then hit the search button at the bottom to run the real search. That's how I always have to do mine, if something is even the wrong 'case' on a letter it won't find what you're expecting.

I suppose I have seen a thing where it actually locks the search buttons out for a second or two, but I rarely see it occur, usually only if I'm requesting a new search to quickly

The issue I run into, is that I will look at a new item from a recent scratcher and look for it using the search that lists the correct full name and alternate colors, etc.

However, nothing shows up. I try a few times spelling it out fully and nothing.

Then I will navigate the store for awhile and find someone who has that for sale and then all of a sudden that item is now searchable. Super annoying