Last night I considered buying AC for first time. Opened AC shop in game, clicked on buy ac, saw it open Microsoft store so I decided no thanks I've heard too many bad things happening. Played for another hour or so no problem. Today, went to launch and the icon was greyed out again. This happened before when I tried looking at "more options" to possibly skip "do you want to run as admin" option.

So, now I can't even get launcher to start and I can't even get Microsoft store to start downloading again. This is in addition to having pc go flashing white screen after trying to reboot to get launcher started (this worked the last time I had issues, was annoying but it at least it started downloading again). And I just had a black screen after reboot where only task manager works.

I'm sure no one who works on this will even read this, but even though I have fun with the game and want to buy AC, I'll sooner quit out of frustration because the basics for playing the game are broken for many people and it's not worth waiting around for hours when you don't even have the intention of uninstalling but are forced to go through installation process again and again. This also shouldn't be an issue where uninstalling and reinstalling are more frustrating because uninstall won't delete all files making reinstall more time consuming than it should be.

I really want to enjoy this and have been when I can play, but this is quickly becoming not worth the effort.

edit: after 3 or so reboots I can finally start reinstalling from Microsoft store. so great, such fun times.