Force/Techer build skill rings

Which skill rings should I get???I have no darn ideas with the choices we currently have

Critical Field for right ring? Maybe? Since you don't have bouncer as main/sub. There will be better rings out eventually.

@coldreactive I generally can figure out what rings to use but this one...just confuses me.

Basically, any rings that disallow you to equip them on a certain class (even with said class as a subclass) such as Bouncer + Critical Field, enables the use of a skill that you can place on your sub-palette/etc.

In this case, the skill in question turns on an AoE that follows you around, which increases the cirtical rate/damage of you and nearby players standing in the field. You may have seen it on people who use jet boots sometimes, it's a slightly see-through orange field that follows them around.

If you didn't know, Double Jump used to also be a skill ring like that.

Hmm okay I can try that

Critical Field can be good in party play where you don't have a Bouncer since it benefits the party, but solo for a Fo/Te it is hit-and-miss since it just raises your overall critical rate to 35% (55% if you take full points into Shifta Criitcal), which is still a big gap; a critical-focused build for Force is only really feasible once we have Phantom available.

My current personal recommendations for a utility Right Ring for Fo/Te are Combo Var. PATK PP Save (R) or HP Restorate (R). The former ring is another good way to increase PP efficiency as it reduces PP cost by 15% when comboing Techs (and PAs), and the latter is just a basic self-healing ring that restores 7.5% of your HP every 5 seconds. Right now the only damage-based Right Ring for a Force is Boosted Enemy Slayer (R), which only takes effect against enemies with red names, so it is situational.

For Left Ring, your go-to should be Technique Charge Parry (L); this one will give you 0.60s of i-frames from the front when charging a Tech. Quick Illusion (L) is also a good choice since it shortens the length of your Dodge while also reducing the small stop at the end of it, allowing things like Sidestep Jump and Charge Escape to be used more easily; it also allows you to continuously dodge while in the air and be virtually invincible until you hit the ground or attack. Also, if you get them both to lvl20, you can combine them into a new ring that gives both benefits.