Any Mixer/Twitch Streamers out there!? Looking to group up !

Im having PSO2 withdraws!!

Looking to get some dialogue going as to any content creators out there wanting to team up/strat discussions and possibly collaborate on a podcast

Would love to see the discussion etc on here to help support the game or dm me for discord etc

Feel Free to post your stream links so I can check out as many content creators as I can!

Does it count if I am actually planning to start making YT vids and potentially stream on PC when it comes to PC?

I don't have anything yet but it's on the works. I already have a script either for a first time player's guide which I am going to put together soon.

Unfortunately due to full time school and work, if I steam, I will be doing it late at night.

ya Im open to everyone just want to start community building with people who are like minded and want to play this amazing game!!

would be great to have a set day each week to coolab Im thinking saturdays or mondays

Sorry about the late reply. Been busy getting art done for banners, channel icons, etc. I am going to try to get my first video up, that beginner's guide, within the next 2 days if possible. But here's my info if you want. Keep in mind it's still barebones as I am still building it out and getting everything set up.

YT: Twitch:

Also add me on Discord so we can talk sometime about stuff: BlackRadient#6640

I'll be streaming this on Mixer whenever I get the chance.

I plan to stream on Mixer when the Open beta starts so I be down to join ya team.

I've been playing on JP since launch, and I'm on YouTube, as well as twitch. Links are in my signature below, my YouTube channel has over 200 episodes going back to 2013

What's the difference between streaming from Twitch and Mixer?

@Hengbok said in Any Mixer/Twitch Streamers out there!? Looking to group up !:

What's the difference between streaming from Twitch and Mixer?

Mixer is Microsoft's version of Twitch. While it does have a lot of the same functionality, it is mainly aimed for Xbox users but you can stream from your PC onto Mixer as well.

It's a competitor of Twitch that's from Microsoft, basically. Microsoft just pushes it more towards their products than anything.

Ahh thanks! I might just use twitch later then since everyone I know uses that

once launch date is announched I will be planning an event if anyone wants in.. I have a discord and such but just message me and ill get it to ya !

@FullTurboTv I'll bite. Messaged you.