Completely new to MMOs, looking for tips and friends!

I've somehow managed to avoid playing any MMOs for my entire life, but I finally got PSO2 and I'm loving it. Is there anything you think an absolute beginner like me should know?

My Xbox tag is LargoWarrior254 and I'm on ship 2 🙂

Not everyone uses or has voice chat enabled. Despite the setting to turn it off being in an out of the way place. As an example, I cannot hear anyone's voice chat even if you come into a party with me. Nor will I ever, ever turn it on.

Biggest tip I can give: immediately go into your settings and make sure you have auto-pick up enabled, especially for 13*+ Items and 12*+ Units. This won't be relevant in the early game, but once you get to end-game it is a big deal since that way you don't have to search around for those drops on the ground and you don't risk losing them to a random disconnect.

@LargoWarrior254 Hoping you would enjoy the game and also excited to see you playing with your new friend in pso2. Let us all give @LargoWarrior254 A warm welcome 💞