How's Ship 1 & 3 population right now?

@Zipzo UQ as in Urgent Quests, not Ultimate.

@NotTriEdge I know it is not empty in general. My point is so many blocks are pretty empty in specific. I feel the population drops rapidly after 1 month of release in Ship3

The population on Ship 3 took a bigger hit than I expected this last week. Going by the server rank of players who had only opened one red box in the rare box ranking:

  • 08 June: 37,xxx
  • 15 June: 33,xxx
  • 22 June: 23,xxx

Falling by 4,000 the week prior, it suddenly plummeted by 10,000 in the last week. I had thought the post-launch spike had levelled out but all of a sudden it's taken a sharp turn for the worse.

I know it's quick to blame, but I can't help but note this has a lot of correlation with the spike in people I know personally who have had to at least partially reinstall the game starting about a week ago.

Edit: Hold on, don't take these numbers as golden... I've looked again and they're not the same anymore. I don't know how the game is counting these or if it has an issue at the moment.

I think it evened out for now, when the next platform release date is announced it will probably spike again. Its not super pouplated right now, but I wouldnt call it empty either (Im on ship 2) ... I see all the blocks have people on them but none are full. I know quite a few people are holding out for the steam release.

I mean, we don't WANT all blocks full, just healthy. Full blocks mean more lag.

@YesterdaY said in How's Ship 1 & 3 population right now?:

Ship 2 is pretty empty on 90% of the blocks right now. I am not sure if most people are from Asia or something. It is kinda sad to see only like 5 rooms for both UQ across all blocks.

Asia has there own PSO2 Servers about 5 years ago and then closed 3 years ago. Oh well.