Jet Boots Escape – Different ability descriptions between NA and JP


Take a look at this mismatch between the NA and JP ability descriptions for Jet Boots Escape.

  • NA: Makes you invulnerable for a period of time when you perform a normal attack or PA while Jet Boots are equipped.

  • JP: When using Jet Boots, makes you invincible during PA and normal attack Shift actions.* (Weapon actions)

One says the invulnerability is attached to Weapon Action, while the other says it's attached to the attacks and PAs themselves. If the NA description is wrong, we need to report it! So let's please get some clarification. Which description is right?

Please post solid proof with your response, if available. Official posts or video/pictures of testing would be most acceptable. ^_^

Thank you!

*JP translation taken from Arks-Layer PSO2 Skill Simulator:

It just looks like they forgot to add the bit about shift actions. The Skill itself only works when you do the shifted version of a PA or normal attack.

The Japanese description is: ジェットブーツ装備時、通常攻撃およびPAの派生時に無敵時間が発生するこのスキルはメインクラスのみ適用される。When run through Google translate, it specifically says "deriving" which refers to the shift action.

Additionally, the invulnerability was added to shifted normal attacks on Oct. 14, 2015, whereas before it only applied to shifted PAs. Here are the official patch notes for that update, and the English version via bumped.

That's exactly the information I was asking for. I'll be reporting the typo as a bug. Thank you, AndrlCh!

Follow-up question: Does the invulnerability also apply to shifted Jet Sweep Kick? This ability does not have an obvious shift action, so I want to confirm.

@MiehHammond The kick portion is the shift action of that PA, and yes, it does give you invulnerability during the kick itself.

Oh, grand! Knowing the timing of the shift actions are very helpful, especially for a 0.35 second duration!

@AndrlCh : To benefit the Wiki, could you please provide the shift action timings for Strike Gust and Surging Gale if you know them?

  • Strike Gust: Does the shift happen upon button press, or upon landing?
  • Surging Gale: Does the shift happen upon button press, or upon spin completion?

@MiehHammond The shift is the moment that you hit the button, and the i-frames begin once that shifted action starts.

Just to add info, "variant attack" seems to be the NA term for the JP term "派生攻撃". The practice quest of bouncer is using this term. Actually there is a page on in-game tutorial (Weapon and Armor Types > JET BOOTS > 4/4) using a term "Offshoot Action", but "variant attack" is also voiced in the practice quest, so the chance this is the latest term is higher, I guess.

Also the original JP skill description is a bit ambiguous. If we take the sentence structure as ((通常攻撃およびPA) の派生時), then this will mean that the invulnerability happens on two occasions. 1. normal attack variant, 2. PA variant - this is what supposed to be.

But if we take the structure as (通常攻撃および(PA の派生時)), then the targets will be 1. normal attack, 2. PA variant - this is different from the actual behavior of the skill. If they fix the NA description, I hope they'll avoid this ambiguity too.