[Discord Bot] Matoi-Chan

If you need a bot for your Discord Matoi-Chan is the one you need. Matoi-Chan will notify you Urgent Quests and News about the game. She can also look up Items such as Weapons, Units and Potentials. Matoi-Chan is still fairly new and still have some bugs that's needs to be tweaked out. Other than that she still does her job really well. Well, what are you waiting for Invite Matoi-Chan to your Discord Server already.

Matoi-Chan is created by PhantomPrimo# 8227

[Invite Me Plz] Matoi-Chan Matoi-Chan Discord Bot2.png

Matoi-Chan Discord Bot UQ.png

Matoi-Chan Discord Bot NewsFeed.png

This is a great bot, been using it for a couple of weeks now and mentioning it to a few of the alliances I am in contact with. 😄 I recommend it.

Yes, Matoi-Chan is a great bot. Alot of Players been asking about the UQ notifications and News feeds for their discord server. So i thought to myself, why not just post the bot here. I take no credit. just to let players know that there is a bot that'll tell you when the UQ is starting up soon.