"Except For" Camo Weapon Target Category

Instead of saying "Except for" simply put the actual target weapon the camo is meant to be for.

alt text

Should have a sword icon in Target Category, as it's meant for swords.

As you can see from this post forward in zaffy2005's Multi-weapon Camos thread, that camo is not only meant for Sword, rather it encompasses all weapons except Harmonizer, and as such it would be impossible to put the icons for all of them.

The real issue here is the formatting. It should either be formatted as "Except for [Harmonizer]" or perhaps, if it is impossible to move their position, as "[Harmonizer] Excepted" or "[Harmonizer] Excluded".

Then it should say in the description,

A Weapon Camo that changes the appearance of an equipped weapon to that of a sword.

Because that would make so much more sense.

@coldreactive Well, technically even that would be wrong, since it doesn't make them all look like a sword, rather they all have their own unique models.

Bringing the description up is also highlighting another problem with the localization, as camo descriptions do no accurately describe what they are applied to, usually just noting the first item icon on the list, which is especially problematic for the Photon Booster camos as they are consolidations of serveral different models that were once separate weapons.

The original lore description for that camo was approximately this (via Google Translate):

"A weapon camouflage developed by applying the latest biotechnology. A stable output is always maintained by the action of the high-purity culture solution."