VHAQ unable to have Rappy eggs pso day?

Would we need to run SHAQ instead for a chance? I believe I can only get a reliable Burst in VH 😕

I think it's level 71+ ARKS Rappies to get 13* Rappy Eggs, and VHAQ even at max risk can't get high enough level mobs.

If Ultimate Quests spawn rare rappies, then you can always try them. Since the enemies there are level 80+ Though you'd have to be at end-game, 75+ to solo trash enemies if at all.

Ultra Hard should be out with Episode 4 in August I believe, so this would end up being resolved then.

so the rappy monster can come out in AQ? but SHAQ specifically?

The 'rappy monster' (aka Arks rappy) can appear in any quest. I had some on JP in the Tundra expedition this morning. But the key here is that they only drop the egg (not sure about the costume) when they are lvl 71+. So, as Coldreactive mentioned, currently there are very few places where you'll encounter rappies at this level

So, if you have max risk on Shaq and somehow get a rare enemy burst, that would probably be your best bet outside xh urgents.

+50 SHAQs mobs are now level 80 and Floating Facility (arguably the best Advanced Quest for Rappies) is part of the Rally, so find a group that can burst it and have at it.