PSO2 compendium of Live Concerts

Due to how long PSO2 has lived over the years, there was also a ton of expansions of the Quna Live concerts events on the Japanese version and since I didn't happen to see a complied list I went and did it myself! Here's the playlist for all of the concerts in actions from various recordings of others, in no particular order

here's the songlist (in a random order as well, sorry!)

  • Online game addicts sprechchor
  • Our Fighting
  • Eternal Encore
  • Living Universe (Miku+Luka ver.)
  • Youkoso ARKS
  • Senbonzakura (Sachiko)
  • 終わりなき物語
  • Our Fighting ver. MIYABI
  • We're Arks!
  • Eternal Encore Xmas ver.
  • Rivers in the Desert Remix
  • Mass Destruction
  • Cosmic Twinkle Star
  • Hikari no Hate

Should have added spoiler in the channel for those who want to experience and watch them fresh. @Berry