Random 630 Disconnects are really making it hard to enjoy this game.

Making this thread for those who have just general random 630 disconnects, NOT the Magatsu disconnect, there's already a thread for that. Throughout the day I will get at least 1-3 disconnects anywhere in the game (Lobby, AQ, UQs) and honestly not sure whats causing it. I am able to get right back in the game immediately and am running a background ping service to see if it's my internet causing it and it never is.

Really all I'm looking for some advice as to what actions I can take and to see if anyone else is having similar issues. I am not using the tweaker, and on XFINITY.

I am getting the same thing. I will be playing then all of a sudden i am getting disconnected and it really didn't happen till i downloaded the newest windows update. And I have no idea what is causing my disconnect and is so random. You never know when and where in the game you will be but you will definitely get disconnected.

I'm on Xfinity too, but most..if not all my disconnects are Magatsu related or joining AQs with alliance members. That being said, I still do occasionally just get a random error 630 for no particular reason, happened earlier today in the lobby. I've since eliminated that its my router and modem at fault, since I replaced them both with brand new ones with new cables so for my personal issues, its 1 of 3 things now.

@Joshofcamalot Normally a random error 630 would definitely point towards ISP or equipment issues, the players that are getting them at very specific points are most likely server or bugs causing it. My wife stopped playing because she couldn't group up with me without her getting error 630 when changing areas, and we're on the same network!

  1. Server issues, possibly software bugs.

  2. Comcast issues, it's comcast and their service isn't as reliable as they claim.

  3. Routing/peering issues, this is the hardest to fix unfortunately because if its the backbone...getting that fixed requires a lot of angry rants and threats usually to get a backbone provider to fix the problem

Covid-19 situation isn't helping, and that has caused significant increase in demand, and that causes a lot of issues too. This link shows the amount of packet loss since March and its quite significant.....packet loss and PSO 2 are big problems, and definitely could cause error 630s, I notice packet loss on Magatsu phase 1 when attacking and the boss will suddenly shift several spaces forward quickly as it re-syncs.


The last 3 days have been really bad, and the worst it's been for me today. It's reached the point where I can't truly enjoy the game having a 630 looming over my head at any time. I've about given up trying to find a fix and just wanna know others are having the same problem so I can at least hope it's common enough for SEGA to step in.

My hope right now is that it's just a patch related problem because it wasn't this bad when I started playing at launch.

I read this thread and all I can think is “Must be nice to be able to actually play the game...”

Same issues Xfinity as well. I was good at launch, then constant DC for a month, then good for a month, now back to constant dc's

So I've been playing MMOs for a long time and still play multiple (WoW, FFXIV) so getting DCed is nothing new to deal with, but why I think it needs to be addressed a little harder in this game is the way PSO2 is structured. If I'm in a dungeon, world, or whatever and I get DCed, no biggie, I just can hop back in and pick right back up where I left off. In PSO2 this is not the case, DCed during a UQ? Booted out and have to rejoin. The worst offender is AQs, and ESPECIALLY SHAQs where you straight up just lose currency that is not cheap to come by.

Honestly if when I came back into the game after a DC and could pick up where I left off I wouldn't care so much, but a DC in this game just extra sucks.