[Ship 3] Gorillas lv5- Very active Discord and chill members.

Top guild in multiple games looking to expand to PSO2 as well! We are looking for active players that are interested in doing AQ/Urgent Quests/Ultimate Quests, helping with Alliance Quests and making new friends. Being active on Discord is a must as we use it while doing Missions/farming as an Alliance! If that sounds like your kind of Alliance, leave your info below or contact one of our officers. We just cleared up some space so come join us!

Character name:



Are you able to use Discord?:

On average, how many hrs a week do you play?:

Are you willing to do Alliance quests/runs/activities?:

Guild Leader: Bananas

Officers: Kawaii, Ship2full, Gygrax

We now have 8 spots free as I've done some cleaning.


Room for 5. We typically recruit lv75 but will make exceptions if you're going to be pretty active.

Last couple spots.