Can't launch the launcher anymore, had a Japanese error message.

I was about to launch the game from the start menu but I accidentally double clicked cause I was too excited. This made it attempt to launch the launcher twice and thus asked for permission to do so twice. I said yes to the first and no to the second thinking it would be fine and only try to open one launcher.... It does start to launch but the "Checking for updates" thing was in Japanese.... and the second bar started to fill like there was an update, and an error popped up in Japanese...

Now I can't launch it at all, like it just doesn't react, even when trying to run it as administrator. I've tried restarting my laptop and the issue still persists. I was able to open the app settings and clicked the option to try to repair it but Windows is just giving me an eternal loading pinwheel so there's no way of telling if it's just taking a long time or if it's stuck.... What do I do?

For real, I'm not the most tech savvy guy and I'm terrified that this is the start of another of those "PSO2 ate my drive" kinda stories cause they make fixing it sound like hackerman stuff. Please help 😞

@Bane47Kaikyo Also, I'm getting one of these every so often even a few hours since the repair finished and came up with nothing. Still can't pull up the launcher. 628043dc-2058-4226-bb4e-1d76f6ec8ea2-image.png

@Bane47Kaikyo For whatever reason it's trying to launch from your Mutable folder instead of your main one. The fact it even makes a Mutable is honestly frustrating and gross. But the problem now lies in that while it tries to launch from this folder, you haven't given yourself ownership permissions to this folder, thus no launch. I'd advise the alternate method of installing that doesn't require MS Store if possible.

I think I know what method you are reffering to. I'm not the most tech savvy person though and would be eternally grateful if you could help me on the way toward such an end. If it is not within your powers to help me 'tweak' the game to let me play again I completely understand though. I will urge however that I keep getting this message pop up every hour or so and would at least like to know how to stop that... like a short-term first aid kind of thing... cause it keeps happening so it sounds like some kind of feedback loop

@Silver oh, I forgot to hit the reply thing...