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Hello there! We are Void Lotus, We are a Group of Friends that likes to play stuff together and we Currently Looking for new members, no matter if PC or XBOX! We are always recruiting!

We are midcore group, working to get around the content together, evolving together. Our Alliance favors an Adult lifestyle, we would prefered applicants to be 18+! Our discord is our main hub, this will be required for part of Void Lotus!

A quick note: We are here to have fun and establishing camaderie. Not to babysit or deal with drama. Our applicants are expected to show maturity, and to be open mind. We hope to establishing an Alliance of mindlike individuals!

Alliance Informations

Name: Void Lotus

Ship: 01

Alliance Lvl: 5

Contacts: For discord: Shouta#3444 - Pulptenks#0069 - TM15 Medic#8513

For Xbox live: ShoutaPurr - Pulptenks - TM15 Medic

Playstyle: Active - Midcore preferred

Language: English

Location: Noth America / Europe preferred.

Requirements: To bring your contribution to the Alliance and to take part of our discord life!