Ship 3 - Silent Raiders recruitment! (English w/Discord)

Alliance name: Silent Raiders

Alliance level: 1

Play style: Play at your own pace / New players welcome

Timezone: PST, Nighttime / Late-night players between 6PM-12AM

Hello! We are a starting alliance looking for more members to level up together, and do Advance, Urgent and Extreme quests. Currently only 2 members. This is a very laid back group so you can play whenever and however you want. We use discord for voice chat, and it's highly requested when forming parties.

We do have rules such as being respectful towards each other of course. No tolerance for racism, sexism, etc. No threats either. Breaking rules will get you kicked/banned.

If you'd like to join us, message me at MightyNarris#7518 on discord and I'll be happy to discuss! Thanks so much!

quick bump, still looking

quick bump, still looking!