How long does it take for a AC SCRATCH LINE to rotate back again?

i started playing on PC and have a few accessories I want from Crimson Dawn Scratch ticket. How long does it take for it to rotate? It sucks cause prices are ridiculously high right now and id rather pay for scratch ticket and gamble to get them.

Exact AC Scratches never return. On the JPN version, there are, however, occasional revival scratches for certain collaborations, but otherwise, items from past scratches and variants of them may be added to later scratches, or added to special "best of" type scratches, though there are many instances where an item may never receive a re-release.

Damn thats pretty unfair for us PC players then.

Even more unfair for all platforms yet to launch pso2.

However, there are so many ac scratch events of all kinds and variety that the clothing/accessory options are endless. Also, keep your eye on the fresh finds shop. I notice random things pop up in there from a variety of AC scratch events. I've already found a couple of items I wanted from past events.