Hey im lookinf for people to play with:)

@ValeleJuly you're welcome to play the game with me, my Xbox live gamer tag is the same as you see here

nevermind, we aren't on the same ship😥

@ValeleJuly You can get one online

@ValeleJuly If your on ship 3 join Bread Squad it very active alliance on ship 3. Always looking to group up and enjoy the game together. You can find us on block 11 99% of the time.

@SonoVulpin ooo alright thanks, r there any like requirements? Cuz i dont play the game 24/7

@ValeleJuly Just don't be toxic and try be on once a week is all we ask.

Welcome to ship 3 @ValeleJuly hope you'll like our weird little ship's community.

@Saiyer haha thankss, do u ever wanna play?

@ValeleJuly Sure, I don't mind. I'm usually on daily. I'll message you my contact details.

Hi! @ValeleJuly Hoping you are enjoying the game. Btw welcome to the PSO2 world! 😊

@GM-Sohee thanksss :)))